Sittin™ Chicken Steamer


1 Sittin™ Chicken Steamer

Regardless of what you may call it, Beer-can chicken, grilled butt chicken, chicken cooker, or our own Sittin™ Chicken it is a favorite with everyone that loves crispy, moist, and savory chicken, but do you know just how easy it is to master that perfectly baked or grilled chicken with the Sittin Chicken Steamer?

Beer can chicken has never tasted so good. Grill to perfection with the sittin’ chicken flavor infusor. Who wants to consume the toxins from the beer can? No one! Easy to use: Pour the liquid in the and insert it into the cavity and as the liquid heats during grilling it creates steam that keeps the bird moist. Beer isn’t even required-the Sittin’ Chicken. Try butter, olive oil, garlic, beer, wine, stock, fruit juice, soda, or chunks of onion, apple, or lemon. Slow cook for a couple of hours on the grill, the result is a bird crispy on the outside with flavorful and moist meat. The wide base keeps the bird from toppling over.


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