About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Sauces and Seasonings

Coleman’s Dynamic Products is a subsidiary of ChanBear & Associates, LLC established May 2008. Our mission is to provide high quality, simple marinades with no preservative for the weekend griller, daily cook or the professional chef. All products were designed ad test personally by me. 

Our Company

We feature an exciting, great line of of rubbs and sauces for baking grilling and snacks. Our marinades are used as all-purpose seasonings. Made with 14 different all natural dry seasonings with no preservatives. Aside from grilling and baking, our products have quickly become a must have for sauces and snacks. Try it on vegetables! Our slogan Bake It! Grill It! Smoke It! Oh Yeah!, personifies the versatility of this great product.  We have RibbNutz, RibbDust, RibbJooz, RibbMix, RibbBatter to cover all of you culinary desires. 

Founder is a Kool Kat

Yes, even Thelma from Good Times loves the Hot’N Spicy RibbRubb. That’s me mixing it up with some of the lucky people who had the chance to join me for a tasting party.  I have some great recipes. What will you use Coleman’s Dynamic Products for? YOUR recipe could end up as the Recipe of the Month.


David & Thelma


David W. Coleman



Serving it up!